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Jacquelyn Poussot 


Boutique Photography Studio | for Intimate Love Affairs

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I fell in love with stories at a young age and a passion for photography soon followed. There's nothing more incredible to me than freezing time in some of it's purest moments. As an actor and theater producer in New York City, I learned how to tell a great story by staying in the moment, focusing on details, being able to improvise, and above all else, learning to really listen.

Through my international travels I developed a need to capture and preserve the fragile images and stories around me. I could not ignore that the single most striking and inspiring image to me, that is also a universal one.  One that transcends culture, politics and ideology: Love.

I am a storyteller. I spend a considerable amount of time with my couples upfront to build a bond and chemistry so that on your wedding day you can experience and live the day seamlessly while I have the honor of capturing it a VIP Guest. The images will spill into your lap and echo the emotional essence of your marriage.


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